Shop - Item#1108 – 1854 N-12 R2+ Repunched 1 NGC graded MS65 Brown


Condition Census N-12

Attractive lustrous bluish steel and olive brown with peeps of faded mint color showing on both sides, especially on the reverse. Satiny mint frost covers this cent and the eye appeal is outstanding. The best identifying mark is a faint, nearly vertical disjointed nick hanging down from the inner point of star 10. MDS, die state b. The repunching under the upright of the 1 is dull but still visible and the earlier die lines from the dentils under the 54 are gone. The neck, jawline, and field above CENT are covered with very shallow low spots (caused by debris/lubricant on the die, a very common feature to varying degrees on this variety). Our grade is MS63, tied for CC#4 among the business strikes in the Grellman census. Housed in an older generation NGC holder. NGC population 3, 1 finer in 66BN.

Ex McCarthy, McCawley & Grellman Auctions/Goldbergs 6/2017:657 (lot ticket included)

Certificate # 129590-013

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