Shop - Item#1103 – 1854 N-11 R2 NGC graded MS66 Red & Brown


Finest N-11

Highly lustrous mint red fading to steel brown, about two-thirds of the mellowed mint color remaining on both sides. The surfaces are frosty and this cent has outstanding eye appeal. Looks flawless to the unaided eye but a glass reveals a light vertical nick on the lower left loop of the 8 and a faint struck-through line (caused by a tiny piece of thread or wire on the die) on the front edge of the coronet. M-LDS, die state b late. The fields are covered with fine radial die flowlines and a flowline connects the right base of the 4 to a dentil below. The details at the ear are sharply struck, another big plus for this variety. Our grade is MS65, CC#1 in the Grellman census. The attribution is noted on the NGC label. NGC population 1, none finer in RB.

Ex Heritage Auctions 3/2010:176-Kenneth Goodman, McCawley & Grellman Auctions/Goldbergs 1/2014:884

Certificate # 3217274-001

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