Shop - Item#1095 – 1854 N-5 R3 Repunched 18 NGC graded MS64 Brown


Lustrous bluish steel and olive with 5% of the slightly mellowed mint red remaining, mostly on the reverse. Frosty and very attractive with satiny surfaces; void of any spots or stains and displaying only a few trivial contact marks. The notable marks are a very light scrape across stars 5 & 6 and a faint hairline scratch under CENT. LDS, die state c. The dentils are weakly impressed, especially on the obverse. The repunching over the 1 is gone and the repunching over the 8 is dull and barely visible. The die clashmark of the earlier state at the left top of the O in ONE is gone and a new clashmark inside the top of that E has formed. The late die state probably played a role in the folks at NGC and Heritage misattributing this piece as the rare N-28, which shares this obverse die in a later state, and this incorrect attribution is noted on the NGC slab label. Our grade is MS62, tied for CC#4 in the Grellman census. NGC population 1, none finer in BN.

Ex Heritage Auctions 6/3/2004:5090 (where misattributed as N-28)-Chris McCawley, McCawley & Grellman Auctions/Superior 9/5/2004:1127 (via Don Valenziano)-Phyllis Thompson, McCawley & Grellman Auctions/Goldbergs 1/2010:752-Chris McCawley

Certificate # 2024208-002

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