Shop - Item#1088 – 1854 N-3 R1 PCGS graded MS64 Red & Brown


Choice Red & Brown N-3

Lustrous bluish steel and light olive brown with faded mint red covering nearly a third of the obverse and 10-15% of the reverse. Sharply struck with radial lines in all the stars and crisp details in all the devices. The surfaces are satiny and the eye appeal of this cent is excellent. The only marks are a thin diagonal nick on the neck and a tiny speck of darker toning on the upright of the E in AMERICA. MDS, die state a late. The die line through star 6 is faint and the stray 4 in the curls above the 85 is clear. Our grade is MS63, tied for CC#1 for the variety in the Grellman census. The attribution is noted on the PCGS label. PCGS population 1, 1 finer in 65RB.

Ex Chris McCawley

Certificate # 46863.64/16210070

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