1795 C-5b R-4 Thick Planchet Liberty Cap Half Cent Coin 1/2c


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Lightly cleaned and retoned glossy bluish steel and light olive. The obverse is smooth while the reverse displays very light roughness in the protected areas. The notable marks are a rim nick left of the cap and a minor rim bruise under the 9 in the date, plus a small planchet crack in the dentils opposite the tip of the nose (as struck). The date is weakly struck but complete and easily readable. Has the look of a piece struck on a cut-down spoiled large cent planchet, but the weight is a bit light at 93.3 grains. Struck slightly off center to K-8. Previously identified as C-5a. 

Year – 1795
Variety – C-5b
Rarity – 4

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Liberty Cap Half Cent


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