The John Davis Collection


of 1854 Large Cent Varieties

John was born on February 18, 1948.  He has been married to his beautiful wife Barbara for 52 years.  He has two children, daughter Joey Rae who is married to her husband Rod, and his son Jason who is married to his wife Shay.  Joey Rae and Rod have three daughters: Samantha, Stephanie, and Sophia.  Jason and Shay have their daughter Caitlyn.

John started as a collector in grade school where he bought, traded, and sold baseball cards.  John developed his passion for coin collecting from his uncle, Melrose Davis, an avid coin collector himself.  John has assembled various US coin collections over the years with the help of a friend, coin dealer and collector, Sid Emerson of Escondido, CA.  John originally got introduced to Large Cents through Sid.

But, it was when he met Chris McCawley (expert in Large Cents) that he was inspired to start collecting Large Cents.  He immediately began filling the Dansco Albums from 1793-1857.

It was at the Ted Naftzger Late Date Large Cent Collection Auction (2009), (John already having some 1854’s himself), when John set a goal of collecting only 1854’s that were the finest known.  This included 29 Newcomb #’s and 77 Die States described in Bob Grellman’s The Die Varieties of US Large Cents, 1840-1857.  During his many conversations with Bob, John quickly realized the rarity of collecting 1854 Large Cents in mint state condition, especially pieces with a significant amount of original mint red remaining.

Later when the Twin Leaf Collection became available, John was able to add many 1854 early die states making those a special part of his already unique and rare collection.

John would like to thank both Chris and Bob for all their help over the decades and the absolute joy it was over the years building this collection.

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