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"The collection of coins has not only become an infatuating and engrossing pursuit among thousands of persons of all ages and either sex, but out of it has grown up an extensive trade, furnishing the means of livelihood to numerous individuals in all our large cities. Prices have risen a hundred fold, in some cases almost incalculably; unreasonably; and speculation has been rife . . .
(from The American Journal of Numismatics, Vol. 1, No. l.May, 1866.)


1. All coins are guaranteed genuine. I will replace or issue a refund for any coin found not to be genuine. This is a lifetime guarantee.

2. All attributions are guaranteed correct. Also a lifetime guarantee. I will issue a refund or if available provide a replacement for any coin found to be mis-attributed.

3. A fourteen day return privilege is allowed on all purchases. Returns may be made for any reason, or for no reason. My business depends on attracting repeat customers. It does neither one of us any good for you to keep a coin with which you are not completely satisfied. I am confident that the overall quality and value of the material I offer here is second to none. This does not mean that you might not order a coin that fails to satisfy your personal taste or desire. It is even possible for me to have missed a defect or to have been optimistic about the grade. It can happen. But it is not my intention.

4. Approval service is also available to established clients. Seven days inspection is allowed on approval service at which time the coin must be returned or funds remitted. Approval sales are considered final after the seven days. Extensions are available upon request. We also accept VISA or MASTERCARD with a 2% charge back.

5. All orders are sent postpaid.

6. Strict ANA and EAC guidelines are followed in grading.
In addition to strict ANA and EAC guidelines I have introduced "value" or "net" grading into my descriptions. Sharpness or technical grade according to ANA standards is fairly easy to describe with consistency. However most old copper coins have acquired defects over time that detract from the overall desirability of the coin. I describe these defects and deduct from the technical grade based on their presence. As an example a coin might be described: "1805 S-267 VF20. Sharpness of VF30 with smooth brown
surfaces, some light pin scratches where corrosion was removed at Kl reverse." Here is a coin VF30 by ANA standards but with scratches at one o'clock on the reverse. Plainly the coin would be more desirable were the scratches not present. I describe the defects and deduct ten points from the overall grade. The first grade listed represents the net or value grade. Clearly this is an art and elements of subjectivity are inevitable. Where there is no second grade listed it is my opinion that the net grade is the same as the sharpness grade. Perhaps not perfection but whatever marks present have been judged to be consistent with the technical grade of the coin and do not detract from the net grade. The intent is for you to have as close an idea as possible of the overall condition of the coin you may wish to purchase.

7. I attempt to give a rarity rating for each variety listed. These in large part reflect the current EAC ratings as compiled in Jack Robinson's Copper Quotes. I also offer opinions relative to condition census ratings, die state, and condition rarity. These change constantly as new coins are discovered and reported. I attempt to use the latest data or information available. Still these ratings cannot be 100% accurate and remain a matter of opinion only. Having said this I can also say with confidence that more information and more research is available on Early Copper than any other area of American Numismatics. Large cents have been actively collected and researched for more than one hundred years. One can therefore have a high degree of confidence in the general accuracy of current information. I urge all my clients to form the numismatic library necessary to allow them to make informed judgements and purchasing decisions. It is foolish to invest money in coins if you have not already invested in the books and other sources necessary to the full enjoyment of them.

8. Serious collectors, who have formed a discriminating collection over a period of years. Often realize a substantial profit when their collection is ultimately sold. However, coin collecting should not be confused with "investment". Most collectors find that the enjoyment, education, and friendships formed as a result of their collecting pursuits have been their greatest reward. It is much easier to lose money quickly than to make money quickly in rare coins. If you are not willing to undertake the educational process necessary to make well informed decisions regarding your collection you will almost certainly lose. Coin investment gurus are often more than willing to give advice. Think about it. If you ask a cat which canary to buy remember his primary concern may not be how well it sings. There are many opportunities to do well financially in rare coins. But as with any other medium of investment, success is the result of a combination of knowledge, good timing and the ability to wait for the right time to sell. Commit yourself to the process of becoming an educated collector and you stand a good chance of success.