1798 S-178 R5+ Small 8, Style II Hair, Reverse of 1796 VG7                  $4950

Very slightly sharper, particularly on the obverse, but both sides are covered with uniform fine granularity. No verdigris, and the only marks are a dull dent on the lower end of the hair ribbon and a single nick in the field above the hair ribbon. Steel brown and chocolate blending to darker chocolate brown in protected areas. The obverse is mostly glossy while the reverse displays less gloss. The date is strong and the legends are complete and easily readable although weaker on the reverse, as usual. LDS, Breen state IV. The die cracks through the date are clear and the cracks up from the bust are strong. The single leaves at the top of the wreath (the Reverse of 1796) are clear.

Ex 2008 EAC Sale, McCawley & Grellman Auctions 5/10/2008:312 (lot ticket included).


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