1798 S-181 R3 Style II Hair with Small 8 EF40             $5750

Rotated Reverse. Frosty mottled mix of chocolate, steel brown, and reddish brown with some lighter brown toning in protected areas of the reverse. There are some tiny nicks hidden in the fine die rust, none notable, and a very light rim bruise at the O in OF. LDS, Breen state IV. Both sides are covered with fine die rust and a slightly raised retained cud break connects the bust to the rim right of the date. The reverse is rotated 40 degrees CCW. Called EF40 and tied for CC#6 in the Bland census. DWH #3057.

Ex Frank H. Masters, Rare Coin Company of America 5/71:121-W. R. T. Smith 8/74-John D. Wright 1/18/06-Bob Grellman & Chris McCawley 4/3/06.


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