1797 S-125 R5 VF20                    $5750

Sharpness VF35 with patches of very fine corrosion, mostly at the fraction and STA in STATES. No verdigris or contact marks, but there are some of the usual tiny planchet chips on the head and into the field above the hair ribbon, as struck. Glossy light olive and steel brown with a thin swipe of reddish brown toning in the field left of the curls and in the center of the reverse. Nicely struck EDS, Breen state I, before additional swelling affects the date and bust tip. Called EF40 net VF25 by Bland and tied for finest known in his census. Noyes says VF35 net F15 and tied for CC#6, his photo #24287. DWH #2424.

Ex C. E. Bullowa (Coinhunter)-Dorothy Paschal 6/77-R. E. Naftzger, Jr.-Auction '81, Stack's 7/24/81:1510-Bert Cohen-Dr. Phil Ralls 4/04.

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